About Me

image“You are not a sad story. You are alive.” -Stephen Chbosky, The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Welcome to “Calm From Love,” a blog I officially launched in August 2017 after spending the summer on a social media hiatus of sorts.  When setting up this space, I was largely inspired by Thomas, a friend I’ve had on my Goodreads.com account for a few years now, and his blog The Quiet Voice. I’d been considering starting a blog ever since my days in high school, but always found something discouraging me- I wasn’t confident in my writing skills, or that I’d have any audience, or I feared the consequences of being so openly vulnerable. In fact, it was exactly this willingness to be open and vulnerable that began to shift my outlook on my own life after an almost 3 year period of gloom and dejection that I’ve been facing as I transition into adulthood. I believe one of the most honest and loving things we can do as human beings is learning to be okay with being unashamed about who we are and what we feel, so that’s what I’ll be using this platform to do. In the spirit of sincerity, I will often times share through posts as I explore my own identities and I hope you’ll remain open to doing the same.

My name’s Jasmine, but more and more these days I prefer to be called Jas since it fosters a sort of intimacy that I am always looking to promote. I’m 22 years old. I find my queerness, my Blackness, my Indiginiety, and my mental health  to be all aspects of my identity that I have struggled navigating at some point or another, and ones that I sometimes still feel stigmatized talking about openly to this day- so of course, I must continue talking about them. I am trying very hard to live as authentically as possible as I learn, grow, experience heartache and experience love, too. I am glad to have you here with me.

Lots of love, always,


P.S. If you’re wondering, the title of this blog, “Calm From Love,” is from the Netflix original series The Get Down (which I 101% recommend you watching right this instant), when lovestruck Zeke Figuero tells Mylene Cruz “You make me nervous. But you also make me calm, real calm. Calm almost how God must be calm, you know? Calm from loving.” Love riles us up, excites and entices us, but it’s also grounding, calming the fear and anxieties in our hearts and connecting us on a spiritual level.


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