You are queer enough

Something that has been very frustrating navigating is feeling like I have to defend my (bi)sexuality to pan friends and peers, especially when the conversation circles around the idea of bisexuality not feeling like enough for others. That’s okay. It is more than enough for me, and I feel at home in my identity, and it is important to uphold that and not let systemic biphobia be something that persists, internalized in me.

Our curator Karen Pollock puts out a heartfelt plea for LGBTQ+ people to stop excluding those who don’t meet arbitary standards from the community.

Another day, another media platform positioning one sexual identity as “better” than another, this time Glamour Magazine with its article on pansexuality.

Before we get into the meat of this piece, let me make one thing clear, pan is a valid sexual identity, one which many people hold, and which no more deserves to be mocked or belittled than any of the better known identities.

However pan people, unless they also define as bi (which is not uncommon, where bi is seen as an umbrella term) do not get to define what bi means. Bi people do, and they generally consider bisexual to mean attraction to more than one gender(s).

So, disclaimer over, I rather feel like Claudia Winkleman on Strictly reading the terms and conditions.

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